Refer A Friend

Refer a friend & earn £50!

For each friend you refer to us, you will earn a £50 Amazon gift card!

There is no limit to this, so the more successful referrals you make, the more you can earn!

Use the form below to generate your unique referral link, alternatively if you wish to submit your friends details use the referral form here.

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Refer A Friend Terms & Conditions

1. General

a) The gift voucher is for Amazon UK to the value of £50, alternatively you can choose to have the £50 donated to a charity of your choice.

b) There is no cash alternative.

c) The gift voucher will be sent by email within 30 days of full and final payment from the referred user.

d) There is no limit to the amount of gift vouchers which can be earned.

e) The gift voucher will be sent to either the email specified in the referral form, or the email address tied to the referral id.

f) You can only earn a maximum of one gift voucher per referral.

g) Gift vouchers are only sent to the referrer, unless explicitly specified.

h) Gift vouchers can only be earned by referring a new customer.

i) Gift vouchers cannot be earned against DNS management, any shared website hosting services or domain names.

j) Gift vouchers can only be earned if the referred user spends a minimum of £500 in a single invoice.

k) Gift vouchers can not be earned for self referral.

2. Referral link

a) The referral link can only be tracked if the referred user has cookies enabled on their machine.

b) Referrals made via the referral link are only valid if the referred user accepts cookies on their machine.

c) The referral link works on a last case scenario, meaning the last referral link the referred user clicks will be the referral id recorded.

d) You do not need to be a current customer to generate a referral link.

e) You do not need to be a current customer to earn referral gift vouchers.

f) Referral links are tracked using a unique referral id.

3. Referral form

a) By entering, and submitting the referral form, you agree you have gained full permission from the referred user.

b) The referral form is tracked using your email address